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marsyaf_love88's Journal

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my resolution for next year as always is to be fit n lose some weight, its not tht im not loving my body but shedding a few kilos won't hurt, isn't it... =) it has always my resolution since like forever but im determined now to jzt stick with it n try to make it happen..
i've never been to any concert, as u noe im a teenager also n i want to have more than fun.. i want to meet my idols n drool over them more.. =)
so,i suggested to my loveable mom tht for my birthday next year, i want her to buy me tickets for any celebs tht r coming to m'sia to perform n definitely it's a plus if ft island n suju or news jzt do their job n get own to m'sia!! =) still crossing my fingers for it to happen..

i'm Marina Nazurah Mohsin. i'm 19 years old.. n omg,im getting older by the minute.. =(
im currently studying in UIA gombak m'sia..
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aragaki yui, bright colors, i love ft island, japanese series, kato shige, music, my boy, news, nishikido ryo, super junior, taiwan, unique and cute things, watching dvd and korean, yamapi